Friday, January 7, 2011

what was happened in Toyota ..series of management system 3

New methods by one in Toyota.

He got engineers to come to advise on particular technical problems. At one stage he declared a three-month moratorium on meetings so that they could start again with fresh enthusiasm.
He rated the contributions of his group members under various headings: speaking, reporting back, doing the summary work reporting, cooperativeness, attendance, contribution to solve problems, etc.
He studied the personalities of the members of his group to see how they could be better integrated into a harmonious team and introduced the habit of shouting "ohaiyo gozeimasu @ good morning" the first thing on entering the shop in a firm, loud positive and enthusiastic voice until even the misanthropes were forced to respond.
They taught themselves the various quality analysis techniques of Pareto diagrams, histrograms, graphs, critical path analysis etc.

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